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Dodge the bullets.

(Played: 177)

Use bungee cable to free fall towards people or animals on the ground.

(Played: 58)

It is the Presidential Debate and you are the moderator

(Played: 136)

Adult interactive cartoon

(Played: 135)

Shoot the caravan as far as you can.

(Played: 71)

Run over as many pedestrians as possible with your car

(Played: 124)

Help Remy keep the food off the floor.

(Played: 114)

Guide all snakes out of the room

(Played: 79)

Your mission is to prove that you have what it takes to get past the ultimate...

(Played: 94)

Collect all the falling money.

(Played: 311)

A Flash colouring book

(Played: 101)

This is a Simon Says game done in flash

(Played: 84)

A Flash Paint application from Cotse

(Played: 74)

Remove group of block if they are of the same colour

(Played: 71)

Dodge the walls and platforms as long as you can.

(Played: 99)

Avoid the green-skinned alien but don

(Played: 117)

Lead the mice to the good old cheese

(Played: 585)

Help Daffy score a perfect landing, don't forget about wind.

(Played: 119)

Configure and direct how the any should react to the music

(Played: 76)

Defend the castle from the intruders

(Played: 82)

Select 1 of 3 dancers and shake your hips to see if you can become a legend o...

(Played: 91)

Dive into the water and collect as many coins as possible.

(Played: 89)

Catch falling ingredients to build a pizza.

(Played: 89)

Drill away the good tooth and keep all the rotten teeth

(Played: 87)

Click the blue buttons to dress up Bill

(Played: 71)

In Finders Keepers you join Floyd Finders and his trusty sidekick Goldie on a...

(Played: 100)

You are firefighter, use your ladder and your hose to put out the fires!

(Played: 75)

Manage your space station and defense against hordes of alien invading ships.

(Played: 78)

Manage building and pilot your Star Wars spacecraft to fight against the evil...

(Played: 900)

Fly your candidates to work and get good commission.

(Played: 79)

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